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Fantastic Wedding in Greenwich. Logan Leckie London Bagpiper For Hire

This truly was a fantastic wedding. Lily was looking for a london bagpiper for hire and found me through google. She got in touch and asked to hire me to bagpipe at her daughters wedding. I was delighted. I had several calls with Lily where we discussed how and when was best for me to pipe throughout the wedding. The wedding was held a the impressive Greenwich castle. We decided that it would be best for me to bagpipe as the wedding proession arrived at the gates of the castle followed by playing some medleys as the guests ate their canopies. Overall, Lily said that having a bagpiper for hire in london play at her daughters wedding was fantastic! The guests all loved having a london piper for hire play as they arrived. And of course the bride to be racheal - loved it too. All and all another brilliant wedding I was honoured to be a part of. Scotspiper is availble for hire in london and the whole of south england. Hire a great bagpiper for your event!

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