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Scotspiper - Bagpiping at a New Years Eve Event London - 31/12/16

I was back in London bagpiping at a New Years Event in a Hotel in the city. What better way to go into the New Year than being serenaded by the glorious sound of the bagpipes. The hotel got in touch with me wanting to hire a bagpiper in London for their New Years Eve event. There were due to be 500 guests at their event, they wanted me to bagpipe as the guests arrived to the London venue and then finally to pipe as the clocks hit midnight. It was a bit of a chilly night in London and piping outside as the guests arrived was cold on the old fingers, however nothing scotspiper couldn't handle - lucky us Scots are pretty tough! After piping as the guests arrived (all 500!!!!) I moved inside to enjoy a quick bite to eat and a drink and then had a bit of wait until the clocks hit midnight. Once midnight I arrived I striked up the bagpipes and marched onto stage, The atmosphere is always incredibly on New Years - everyone is so excited and happy (and most likely drunk!) Another great New Years for scotspiper!


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