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Scotspiper's Corporate Event - London - 14/09/2017

I was hired to pipe in London at a corporate event as a surprise for one of the companies executives who was retiring. With employees from all over the globe at the event - none of whom knew a Scottish bagpiper would be making an appearance at their London event. On arrival I was whisked away and hidden in a coat room to avoid anyone spotting me. As the executive was announced to come up onto the stage. I started the bagpipes up and marched in piping from the back entrance. The song choice was Scotland the Brave - a fantastic upbeat marching song perfect for this event in London. As I marched down the centre parting of the hall the attendees start to clap along to Scotland the Brave adding the atmosphere. The retiring executive looked completely in shock, but a smile quickly came onto his face as he realised I was the surprise. All in all the event was great. I love bagpiping in London, I was looked after very well and I hope the companies executive has a great retirement!

Scots piper

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