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The British and Irish Lions Leaving Dinner

One of my biggest bookings to date was being privileged enough to pipe at the British and Irish rugby leaving dinner. I did this event through Scarlet entertainment who I have worked with for the last 4 years. The British and Irish lions occurs only every 4 years in which a rugby team made up of a mixture of players from the whole of Britain go on tour to either new Zealand, Australia or south Africa. They wanted me to pipe at their leaving dinner at the roundhouse in London, on their final night before they left to fly to New Zealand the next day. During the dinner there was a short film shot onto a projector which outlined the history of the Lions tour, at the end of the video there was a list of all the Lions rugby players who had sadly lost their lives in the world wars. During this the point in the film I marched onto the centre stage, a spotlight hit came onto me and I played amazing grace. It was incredibly powerful, and the players and their families and friends loved it. The bagpipes are an incredibly powerful instrument and had a huge impact on the night. A gig I will always remember.

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