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Piping on The Wahlbergers TV show

This was Scotspipers first ever TV appearance. A production company based in London was looking for a bagpiper to bagpipe on mark wahlbergs new tv show – meet the wahlbergers a tv show about the wahlberg brothers. The set would be in a tavern in St.Andrews Scotland. The plot was that Mark’s brother Paul was driving from St.Andrews to a hotel but got lost en route and would go into the Tavern to ask for directions where he would bump into me a bagpiper on his way back from a wedding. It was incredibly exciting being on a set, after quickly getting over some first-time nerves of being on tv I quickly relaxed and got into the swing of it. The scene ended with me piping for Paul Wahlberg. I thoroughly enjoyed my first time being on a tv set and can’t wait for the next time!

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