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A London Wedding For Seb and Charlotte

Seb and Charlotte needed a London bagpiper and hired me to play at their wedding in London. Seb and charlotte had organised a beautiful wedding in central London – monument. Seb and Charlotte weren’t exactly sure what tunes they wanted along with where they wanted me to pipe at their London wedding. This was no problem at all I reassured them that I would provide them with a list of popular wedding bagpiper tunes along with some suggestions on where and when I could play them throughout the ceremony. We then arranged a phone call to discuss exactly what they had to decide in regards to where and when they wanted to bagpipe at their wedding. Seb and Charlotte decided they wanted me to pipe when guests arrived at the ceremony playing a range of up beat Scottish songs. Charlotte then wanted me to pipe her out of the church after the ceremony to highland cathedral.

Having a wedding bagpiper went down extremely well. A lot of the guests had never seen or heard a bagpiper at a wedding before so were thrilled. Seb and charlotte were also extremely happy that they had hired a bagpiper to play at their special wedding day, making it that even more special. All in

all another great wedding scotspiper was privileged to bagpipe at.

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