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 A Top Quality Bagpiper, With Over 500 Happy Customers, at Great Prices.
Where It All Began 
  • My father started teaching me the bagpipes when I was 8 years old. On the video below you can see my first ever blow on the bagpipes! 

  • Throughout my childhood, I piped in numerous pipe bands and took part in several competitions across both Scotland and England. Including Pipe Major at The Bagpipe Learning Centre

  • I have developed an incredible passion for the bagpipes and receive a huge amount of honour and enjoyment being able to play the bagpipes and spread the sound of the pipes at events across the world.


At the age of twenty one I piped at my first event. Since then I have piped at over 800 events, including weddings, Burns Suppers, ceilidhs, private parties, corporate events and many more. 


Recent highlights include; 


  • Piping in St Andrews on the film set for Mark Wahlberg's international TV series, “Meet the Wahlbergs”


  • Playing at the British and Irish Lions Rugby leaving dinner in London - June 2016 


  • Piping at a major corporate event for over 600 people in Dubai



To see a more extensive summary of my piping experience please have a look at my blog where I try to document some of the big events I play at. 





Or take a look at my testimonials and hear from all my happy clients over the years; 







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Previous Clients

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A wedding is a very special day for everyone involved. I have had the honour and privilege of piping at numerous weddings over the years.

From piping outside the church/venue as the guests arrive, piping the bride down the aisle, to playing for the guests at the wedding reception. The Highland Bagpipe always adds a huge amount of atmosphere to the occasion and always make your special day a bit more Scottish.  

 The most popular wedding tunes are Highland Cathedral, Amazing Grace and Scotland the Brave, but I can play any pipe tune of your choice.


For centuries,  the Highland Bagpipes have been played at funerals in Scotland and now across the globe.

Well-loved tunes, such as Amazing Grace, the Dark Isle, Flowers of the Forest and Highland Cathedral provide comfort and inspiration at this difficult time.  

Corporate Events 

Having a Bagpiper at a corporate event can be the perfect way to give your event that all-important 'wow' factor. A Scottish Bagpiper could be just the thing to make your corporate event that bit more memorable. I have piped at many corporate events throughout the years, from piping as clients and employees arrive, to piping special guests onto the stage. The pipes are also a brilliant way to show foreign clients a 'Taste of Britain",  as the pipes are a very traditional Scottish instrument. 

matthew piping lodon.jpg

Burns Night

Burns Nights take place across the world in late January to celebrate the life and poetry of Robert Burns, Scotland's best-known poet.  No Burns Night is complete without a piper.  I have piped the haggis in at numerous Burns Suppers, from Edinburgh Castle to Paris.  Traditionally a piper will pipe as the guests arrive and then pipe the haggis in for the Toast "To A Haggis".   

piping benenden.jpg


If you are unsure of what sort of bagpiping you want at your event, or when/where you want me to play then please do not hesitate to give me a call or drop me an email. I will be more than happy to offer some advice and recommendations for you. 

Traditional Tunes;

I can play all of the traditional Scottish bagpipe tunes. (for any new tunes I require at least 2 weeks notice in order for me to learn and perfect the tune). To see a full list of all the most popular Scottish tunes please click here. 


Multiple Bagpipers 

My father and my brother both play the bagpipes to a very high level. We have performed together on multiple occasions when clients have requested more than one piper. I can also source more bagpipers if you require more than 3. 

piping dad joey me.jpeg
Scottish Dancers2.jpg

Scottish Dancers 

I liaise with Ultimate Event Dancers who provide tradition Scottish dancers who can dance while I play the pipes. to see them in action please click the button below.

Dhol Drummers 

Dhol Drummers can also be arranged upon request

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